Monday, March 26, 2012

Garlic Cream Sauce

When I first started this blog, I had hoped to not only include my own favorite recipes, but those delectable recipes I've found among some of my writing friends. Beverly Mucha is a friend and fellow writer on, and she's made me hungry so many times with her amazing recipes of all sorts. I hope to link to many of her recipes from here going forward, starting with today. So if this is your kind of thing, check it out...

Garlic Cream Sauce

For those who adore the taste of garlic this cream sauce is a dream come true. A versatile sauce that can be incorporated to flavor many different dishes to give them a new look, taste and texture. Garlic is very healthy and does wonders for your blood, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and reduces platelet clumping too. Garlic comes is so many forms such as fresh cloves, dried, freeze dried, powders, extracts and oils. So if you enjoy the aroma and taste of garlic this cream sauce is the perfect addition to any meal that needs a little more of that nutty goodness.

For the full recipe, click here, and be sure to check out Beverly's Examiner page:

Beverly Mucha, Winona Cooking Examiner

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Delicious Homemade Mac n Cheese

Here is an old favorite of mine. Ever since I learned this recipe, or I should say, this method, from Rachel Ray, I've been experimenting with different sorts of cheeses and other fine ingredients in this delectable comfort dish. Never again will I eat the boxed, powdered stuff from the supermarket, as with this recipe I know all of the fresh goodness I put into my mac n cheese...

To make this dish, you'll need the following ingredients:

- 1 lb. boxed pasta (I find that the thicker pastas, like Rotini, Fusili, or Rigatoni work best)

- 2/3 tablespoons butter

- 2/3 tablespoons flour

- 1 cup milk

- Approximately 2 cups of any style cheese

- A dash of nutmeg

- A handful of bread crumbs

- Various spices

- Olive oil

Once you've gotten these, click on the following link to learn the process:

Delicious Homemade Mac n Cheese

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